Welcome to North Roots. 

We are a family owned business that has been growing and wild crafting herbs for tea, salves and oils on beautiful organic land in Southwestern Ontario. Ontario's Garden. We are certified organic with Pro-Cert.

Our family at North Roots Organics acknowledges and values the importance of organic and organic wild crafting herbs. Embracing a long forgotten tradition we honour and believe, that bringing the herbal world back into the family unit is a beautiful way to stay balanced and gently heal. To nourish one’s spirit is as important as nurturing one’s body and mind. These are our thoughts when we create our herbal blends.

Kim North, owner of North Roots, is also a Registered Massage Therapist and works in the art of Therapeutic Touch. She is also a certified Reflexologist. Kim’s passion is the herbs and the beautiful way they create a balance helping the earth and people on so many levels. She enjoys helping as a grass roots herbalist with a science background. 

Our family is dedicated to helping the earth and people staying balanced and healthy.


North Roots Teas are certified organic and wild crafted from our beautiful land. We grow, harvest and dry our herbs at a very slow, low temperature to keep them in their raw nutrient form. Our berries are hand picked and also are organic locally sourced. All our teas are loose-leaf which allows the herbs to dance and infuse thus giving their gift of naturally balanced health. 

Remember all herbs work on a spiritual plant essence of healing, as well as physical. They are a divine consciousness of love and healing.


Hydrotherapy is the use of water in the treatment of healing ones’ body that can bring us back to a balance of health and clarity. Water has an energy vibration and consciousness, therefore when we infuse herbs into a bath, they help assist our body in a wonderful restorative way. 

All of our soaks can be sipped as a cup of tea. The bitter herb flavours you will taste will take you back to ancient times when bitters were considered a must in the healing arts.


Our salves are made in small batches, hand picked organic and wild crafted herbs that are grown on our land. They are infused in camelina oil that comes from a natural ecological local farm. Camelina oil is high in omega 3 fatty acid. This oil has the same benefits as flax seed oil with the added benefit of being shelf stable. 

Camelina oil can help decrease inflammation, which is the cause of most pain in the body.


North Roots Spices are certified organic and grown on our beautiful organic earth. We grow, harvest and dry our culinary herbs at a very slow, low temperature to keep them in their raw nutrient form. We have four spices to share at this thyme. All four spices are part of the mint family. These four culinary herbs are wonderful on their own, but also blend well with each other. 


Smudging is a ritual alchemy that brings you closer to the spirit world; it cleanses, protects, clears and releases negativity from energy fields around us and our dwellings. 

There are five herbs chosen for this smudge blend based on the elements of earth, water, fire, air and spirit.


Elemental Cleanse is a very rooty, earthy tasting tea with a slight bitterness and a soft mint flavour. The combination of roots and herbs makes this tea unique in helping one support the body while eliminating toxins. We have dried and finely ground the roots to help in the brewing infusion.